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Double glazing brings a warmer, more cosy feel to a home while at the same time cutting heating costs with excellent energy efficiency ratings. Add to this the reduction in noise, and it is clear that double glazed windows are a sound investment.

Relaxing in a warmer environment in the winter months goes hand in hand with taking it easy during the summer. Little or no maintenance is needed with our PVC-U systems giving you top performance without the annual chore.

All of our casement and sash windows offer high standards of manufacture and quality assurance result in a durable and good looking windows which will enhance any home. It comes in a choice of white or woodgrain or sprayed colour effect profiles.

Benefiting from a slimline appearance and outstanding performance, the Vertical Slider has sashes which tilt inwards, allowing the glass and window frames to be cleaned from inside the house, safely and easily. Restrictor stays ensure the window cannot be opened fully by children.

The same levels of easy cleaning and ventilation with high security are a feature of the Tilt and Turn selection. This design comes with an integral fail safe device which ensures the window cannot be tilted and turned at the same time.

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